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 Forum Rules!

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Lyn (Founder)

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PostSubject: Forum Rules!   Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:31 am

This should be a'given. Most of these anyways. PLEASE READ ALL RULES AND IMPORTANT POSTS (anything sticky in a forum is important!

This is a literate role-play group. Yes, the occasional mistake are made so do not worry. 2-3 sentences are required. As well yes, sometimes you may not be able to think of what to post. But please try your hardest.

WARNING: This group may contain mature content including: cursing, gore, abuse and sexual content. (Sexual content will only be used in PM, Note, or whisper only please and read rules below about this)

IC/OOC Rules

1. In-Character action stays In-Character. Out-Of-Character stays Out-Of-Character.

2. Have fun, please avoid OOC drama. No one likes Drama.

3. Respect the Ruler's orders, OOC (IC, feel free to defy. May make things interesting >D)

4. Don't try to force anyone to RP, or pressure anyone. As well there may be new role-players in the group, so please be patient with them.

5. Keep cursing at a minimum. Yes, it's allowed but if someone asks you to stop or tone it down. Stop. Don't get an attitude, don't be rude. We may have some younger people in the group, who knows.

6. If someone makes you uncomfortable, whether by comment or what now, please inform a the Founder/Co-Founder. It will be handled and taken care of ASAP.

7. Absolutely NO bashing or bad mouthing the members

Forum Rules

1. YOU MUST, absolutely MUST, put R18+ on the title of the RP, that's a MUST. If I read someone's RP, (Cause I like reading RP as much as I enjoy RP, I love reading about other peoples characters and such. Huehue.) And I run into something along the lines of ERP, that's not labeled I will automatically kick you. No If's, And's, or But's.

2. I'd prefer it to be kept cleaner, no Rape, Vore, anything nasty. Seriously nasty stuff, please. (Not trying to limit anyone's characters but please keep any personal fetishes like that IRL. x_x or to your own private chat. Not on this site!)

3. Cursing is allowed, like. Go for it. As I said before, if asked to stop, then stop.

4. Respect everyone.

5. Follow the rules and ASK before joining with another character.

6. DO NOT comment in another person's RP unless they ask.

7. If you're not sure something is against the rules, just pm. ^^

6. Have fun!

Participation Rules

1. Members are anyone who wishes to join, start with one character. If you want to join with another, please ASK first.

2. Members must be willing to accept personal notes from admins of this group weather on the website or Deviantart (DA) site.

3. Members must submit only artwork or linearts (That are credited) that you are willing to share with the other group members. Character creation games allowed as well. (But like linearts, proper credit must be given)

4. Please submit all of your artwork into the correct folder - Art in wrong folder will be deleted!!! (For the DA Site)

5. Do not submit into follow folder: Featured (For DA Site)

6 .Yes2All staff reserves the right to delete any member's artwork that we deem inappropriate for our gallery with out prior notice or explaination

<b>Roleplay Rules! (READ WELL)</b>

Roleplay Rules

1. No godmodding of any sort! This includes:

2. Power-playing (i.e. controlling or forcing things on someone else’s character without their permission - including deciding outcomes for another character)

3. Meta-gaming (i.e. having your character know or be capable of things that they realistically should not)
Generally making your character too overpowered or invincible.

4. Do not enter a roleplay without permission from its participants, and do not post out of turn unless this has been agreed on. Making an honest mistake is ok, but keep in mind this is not good etiquette.

5. Be legible. Use appropriate English spelling and grammar and keep your replies easily readable to others.

6. Respect the existing canon, of both the world and the characters. Do not create a scenario that is out of place for its setting (if in doubt, ask the group or relevant city mod), and be considerate about what your roleplay partner(s) can or can’t do whilst staying in-character.

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Forum Rules!
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